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Cabinets and countertops are a big deal

Cabinets and countertops are a significant part of every kitchen and bathroom. They create a great sense of style as a décor match and offer sufficient space and placement for items that need to be stored and displayed. You should have some idea of precisely what you’re looking for in one facet or the other, and we can help put them together for you.

We are a countertop retailer that does much more

Cabinets and countertops should go together in a way that not only compliments your décor and design scheme, but that also works to the comfort and functionality of the room. When you have cabinets that offer space that simply isn’t ample, or are too far out of reach, they’ll never live up to their purpose. We work hard to make sure your cabinets are everything you need them to be, so they’re useful.

The same can be said of countertops and cabinets in the bathroom, but with the addition of the bathroom vanity. This piece is another type of cabinet that serves more than one purpose and is vital to the room. In addition to holding specific items in some cases, it also usually has a mirror, lighting, and sometimes even shelves to add to their effectiveness as a unit.
We know how important both of these areas are to you, and we will work hard to make sure we meet your requirements and preferences. Since these rooms see multiple uses every single day, every surface and piece must function exactly as it should to your specific purposes. If they do not, you’re not getting everything you deserve from these spaces in your home.

Allowing us to assist you in countertops, cabinets, vanities, and more will see multiple benefits, as you utilize space you might not have used for years. If it's new construction, let's make sure you start off the right way. Be sure to visit us for more information.

We’ll match you with great kitchen cabinets and more

TS Home Design Center / Rite Loom Flooring has a showroom in Anaheim, CA, and from there, we serve the communities of Anaheim, CA, Fullerton, CA, Yorba Linda, CA, Orange, CA, and Placentia, CA. When you visit us for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, you’ll find a wealth of products and services that come together for an outstanding experience you won’t soon forget. It’s worth taking the time to visit us personally to know that we are a countertop retailer that you can trust for many spaces throughout your home.