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TS Carpet & Design Center

Your “Go-To” Carpet Showroom in Orange County, CA

TS Carpet & Design Center is where you will find premier quality carpet at competitive prices. We are your one-stop shop for carpet, offering a variety of options for every room in your home. We offer not only a superior selection but top quality installation. Come into our showroom to see our wide variety of name brand carpets from America’s top mills. Say goodbye to your old, worn floor coverings. We want you to love your home!

At TS we offer personalized in-home design consultation, measurements, drawings, and professional installers. We also offer custom area rugs and have a large selection of designer rugs that we can order to fit your exact needs and specifications.

TS can replace your existing floor covering in a matter of days, and your professionally installed carpet is guaranteed to last for years with regular maintenance and proper care. Our installation team is fast and friendly, and you will appreciate the condition of your home as they will leave everything in “like new” condition.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with a makeover. Or – in times of need (after a flood, for example) - we can have your home restored in no time at all. Working with your insurance company is something you may not want to do without assistance. TS is here to help as we have years of experience in working with insurance companies.

Come in today, check out our sample displays, and set an in-home appointment with one of our designers. Being the premier carpet specialist in the area featuring both top quality product as well as blue ribbon service, we’d love to help you turn your house into the home of your dreams.

Choose a Carpet that Reflects Your Personality as well as Your Lifestyle

You can rely on our expert design sense at TS Carpet & Design Center to add comfort and beauty to your home without breaking the bank. Besides color, other things to consider when choosing your new carpet are style and fiber. Our design specialists can assist you with this, but you will want to consider how the area under consideration is used. How much traffic will the new carpet be getting? What is the purpose of the room? Do you have young children? Are pets a concern? Are stairs involved? Is the room adjacent to a pool or patio area?

First let’s talk STYLE -
PLUSH (Saxony) features densely packed, level fibers which give you a smooth – even velvety – cut pile for a luxurious look. A plush carpet exudes a traditional, formal, or even an elegant ambiance.
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TEXTURED carpet helps you create a relaxed look with smooth, twisted yarn. A textured carpet is more casual, can be used in any room, and is great for active families – and a bonus benefit is that it does a pretty good job of masking footprints!

TWIST – frieze, cable, or shag – hides footprints and vacuum tracks. It might be your choice for a more casual atmosphere. It is great for the busy household as it is durable and long-wearing.

PATTERNED – or “cut and loop” – will provide a distinctive carved appearance. A patterned carpet will add interest to any room owing to the variety of surface levels.

FASHION LOOPS can have a level or multi-level textured surface. A looped carpet can handle heavy traffic and hides footprints well. Uneven loops add texture while level loops boost durability. Looped carpet is often referred to as “Berber,” but that term actually refers to the flecks of additional color accenting the main hue in a looped carpet.

What about FIBER?
NYLON – 90% of fine residential carpet is nylon. It is the most durable of the synthetics and is practically static-free. Nylon maintains its fiber height; and resists soiling, staining, and mildew.
WOOL is luxurious, strong, stain resistant, and maintains fiber height. This natural fiber is more expensive, however, and can maintain static and moisture.
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TRIEXTA (Sorona or SmartStrand - PTT) is stain resistant as the fiber itself is hydrophobic – it does not absorb easily. It is more resilient than its predecessor, polyester. Like nylon, it is resistant to surface scratches and has the ability to hold a crimp and to regain its posture after being crushed. You will find Triexta softer than many other carpet fibers. Additionally, it carries Mohawk’s All Pet Protection, a lifetime stain & soil warranty, and a 25 year quality warranty.

POLYESTER (PET) is a less expensive option. It is durable against abrasions and resistant to water soluble stains. However, it can fade with sunlight and does not hold its height as well as other carpet fibers.

OLEFIN (polypropylene) is the primary fiber used in commercial installations. It is colorfast as the dye is mixed with the fiber during production. Olefin resists abrasion, moisture, and mildew. It is the least expensive carpet fiber.
Have PETS?
Several of our carpet brands are Stainmaster Pet Protect styles. These boast “solution dyed” fibers (color is in the strand, not on the strand – think of a carrot vs. a radish – the radish’s color is “topical” only) so the carpet resists difficult pet stains and makes hair removal easier. Shaw also offers LifeGuard in their “Life Happens” collection. This carpet has a waterproof backing which protects your cushion and subfloor from liquid spills and pet accidents. If liquids cannot seep into the backing, it allows for easier cleanup and protection against odor-causing spills and pet accidents.