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The most popular type of resilient flooring, vinyl – whether you’re considering sheet, tiles, or planks – is durable, low maintenance, and easy on the budget. Are we talking linoleum? No! Linoleum is an old flooring material made of powered cork and linseed oil. The vinyls of today are nothing like the vinyls of the past. Due to technological advancements, today’s vinyl flooring ranges from fairly soft and cushioned underfoot to fairly hard commercial VCT tiles. Patterns are printed onto or into the material and can look like stone, wood, or ceramic tile – the patterns and colors are virtually unlimited. Come in today and confer with one of our Design Specialists at TS Carpet & Design Center. We can help you choose the perfect new floor for your home. Our showroom offers a vast array of choices to revitalize and refresh your home’s décor!
Vinyl tolerates water well. All vinyls are water resistant and some of the newer ones are actually waterproof. Vinyl is known for its warmth and comfort underfoot. Some materials are “floated” while others are glued to the subfloor. When professionally installed, your new vinyl floor will fool your guests into thinking you’re richer than you are as it will look deceptively like higher-end options; at a minimum, they’ll think you have exquisite taste! Today’s vinyl floors easily mimic any hard flooring material you may desire - whether your preference is wood, tile or natural stone – at a fraction of the cost. This versatile, easy-to-clean option is both durable and stylish. Whether you’re looking for “terracotta tiles” for your new Tuscan kitchen, “cobblestone” for your entry, or a weathered barn-wood look for your country home, vinyl flooring has you covered! Vinyl flooring comes in a range of wear layers. Some materials are suitable for moderate or normal traffic, while others are able to withstand heavy activity in an active home or in a commercial setting. All of the quality vinyl floors at TS Carpet & Design Center come with excellent warranties.
WATERPROOF – Yes, you read that correctly – 100% waterproof from the bottom up and from the top down. WPC (WaterProof Core) vinyl is the hottest item in the flooring industry. It is suitable for every – yes, every – room in your home. Because of its high-quality appearance – providing that rich, sought-after, expensive wood look - to extreme durability and a wide range of beautiful colors and textures; you will be proud to use WPC in your living room or bedrooms as well as your kitchen, baths, and laundry room. It comes in a variety of wear layer options and thicknesses, depending on your needs. A thicker plank means a tougher material. Some of our products come with an attached pad or underlayment while others require a separate underlayment. However, at TS we price our WPC to include tax and everything needed for a professional, satisfaction-guaranteed installation.

LUXURY VINYL TILE – LVT – is a product that looks like stone or ceramic tile, complete with gorgeous natural colors and a surface texture that feels like the real thing. Some styles are even made to be installed with grout!

LUXURY VINYL PLANK – LVP – is luxury vinyl flooring that looks like wood planks in every respect, from color to species. Surface textures may even appear scraped which dramatically adds to the realism. The look can range from formal to rustic – and like wood, LVP can be installed in brick fashion, diagonally, and so on.

SHEET VINYL – is glued directly to the subfloor. The designs are amazingly sophisticated – grouted tile, wood plank, stone. With its trendy colors, styling, and cushioning; today’s sheet vinyl is not what was on your grandmother’s kitchen floor – no waxing needed!
Vinyl flooring – whether sheet, LVP, LVT, or WPC – is a popular option for families and pets. It is easy to maintain, highly durable, long-lasting; and resistant to scratches, dents, and moisture. Of course, the WPC takes it one step further as it is totally waterproof. Besides being stain resistant and easy to clean, vinyl is low in allergens and even quiet to walk on – a great choice!


What is Laminate?

Laminate is the most cost-effective choice for hard-surface flooring. It is a type of multilayered flooring system made up of wood fiber products coated with an extremely hard plastic resin which protects the floor from scratches and fading. This top layer typically has aluminum oxide in its finish to reduce wear and tear. The base layer works to resist moisture and noise while absorbing minor imperfections in the subfloor. The image design layer sits on top of this inner core. This photographic design layer gives the flooring its distinctive look; mimicking wood, stone, metal, or another popular material. However, most laminate flooring presents a wood look. In fact, technology and design advances have some experts hardly able to visually distinguish the difference between a high-quality wood laminate and hardwood since the addition of realistic beveling, grooves and distressed finishes. Advanced embossing techniques add textures that can make the flooring look like a particular wood grain and feel more realistic underfoot. These improvements have definitely taken laminate to the next level!
In terms of durability, top quality laminate flooring is hard to beat. For those with pets or a very active household, laminate is a good choice. However, it is important to remember that laminate is water resistant, not waterproof. Therefore, this product is not for areas that see moisture - so not recommended for kitchens, baths, or laundry rooms.
Most laminate floorboards click and lock together, eliminating the need for glue, nails, and other fasteners – a “floating” floor. In fact, some DIY folks tackle installation themselves. However, using the professional flooring installation contractors at TS, enables us to guarantee not just the flooring but its installation.
The fact that adhesives are not required makes a laminate floor more environmentally friendly. In addition, the North American Laminate Flooring Association, NALFA, offers a certification seal which denotes products that pass 10 comprehensive performance tests administered by third-party scientists. During their testing process, they determine how well laminate floors resist water, light, and stains. Only the best laminate floors receive the NALFA certification or are Carb Phase 2 certified. You will find this certification at TS as all of our laminate flooring is California Phase 2 Compliant. This regulation (California 93120) is important because it ensures that the air we breathe is healthy and free from carcinogens.

Why Consider Laminate?

  • Resists abrasion
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t hold in animal hair and dander
  • Attractive, having the appearance of a solid hardwood or other natural material
  • A budget-friendly choice compared to other flooring options
  • Can provide smooth surfaces to deliver a stylishly refined sheen or textured surfaces for an authentic wood look
  • Offers square or beveled edges to provide a visual choice
  • Can have hand-scraped effects which add an artisan’s touch
  • Can come in varied plank widths to mimic the effect of a real wood floor

And Finally

Once your new laminate flooring is installed, you will find it to be easy to care for. Simply vacuum up dust and mop up spills to keep your floor looking like new. Do keep in mind that laminate floors cannot be refinished like hardwood can. However, advances in flooring technology have made laminate a versatile and stylish choice that scores of households choose for their flooring needs. Come into our showroom at TS Carpet & Design Center to see if laminate flooring is right for you. One of our designers is here to help!