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Custom Window Treatments in Orange County, CA

Window treatments bring a combination of functionality and sense of style to every room in a home. A successful window covering creates the desired visual setting while fulfilling the room's practical needs at the same time. Over the years, window fashions have developed into an art form. Today, there are multiple opportunities to further enhance a home's decorating scheme, as well as accommodating your lifestyle with the window coverings available. There is a window covering solution for every room in the home and every budget.

Wood Shutters

Capturing the natural beauty of real wood, our shutters are constructed from premium hardwood and feature the centuries-old craft tradition of fine dovetail joinery combined with an innovative multiple-coat finish.

Real wood shutters are most similar to fine furniture and offer the most selection in wood finishes.

While shutters are a great solution for any room in the home, areas that have warm temperatures or where humidity may be a concern for hardwood products, you may want to consider alternative–wood or polysatin shutters.
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Vinyl Shutters

Polysatin offers an enduring, custom-crafted, classic style, and a solution ideal for windows exposed to high heat, humidity and other extreme climate conditions. Polysatin shutters are made of specially formulated ultraviolet resistant poly-satin compounds, are guaranteed never to warp, fade, chip or peel, regardless of high heat or other extreme climate conditions.

Polysatin shutters are offered in varying shades of white resembling a painted wood shutter. These shutters are a good choice for bathrooms, kitchens, pool and sauna areas or areas such as kids' rooms that may require frequent cleaning!

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds consist of slats that can be tilted to efficiently control light and provide protection from ultra violet rays. They are ideal for windows that are taller than they are wide and are raised and lowered. When the slats are open they can reduce the sun's glare but not your view.

Horizontal blinds are extremely popular and come in many different materials, colors and finishes. These blinds are offered in real hard wood, alternative-wood, sometimes called faux-wood, and aluminum.

For warmth, durability and versatility, real hard wood is the natural choice for almost any decor. Like fine furniture, wood blinds reflect a lasting level of quality and are available in a variety of paints, stains and finishes.

Horizontal blinds can be manufactured to fit almost any size and shape window. This installation versatility, along with the color, finish and material options, allows these products to be suitable for almost any window in a home. They offer optimum light control by tilting the horizontal slat and are available in many design options.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have vanes that traverse and rotate smoothly, offering privacy and light control as well as UV protection for interior finishes in the home. They are available in a full range of finishes and textures, from moderately priced vinyl to high quality fabrics. They are perfect for patio doors or windows that slide side to side.

With the multitude of colors and patterns these products can be used in many decorating schemes. They can be installed alone for a clean contemporary look or combined with draperies in a more traditional setting.

These products can be installed with an inside or outside mount depending on the window molding and sill construction. Vertical blinds also come with option of right, left or split stacking configurations.

Mini Blinds

Mini Blinds are a great choice due to the endless variety of options they are available in like color, texture, design, and light control. Their clean lined design makes them especially well-suited for a contemporary setting.